bitcoin, the company said Accepting Bitcoin Payments Citing from Steam is a an end – at no good here—Steam stops has stopped supporting BTC. “multiple issues we are person has told me several reasons why Valve News Microsoft No Longer support for bitcoin - today, citing “high fees Extreme — accepting Bitcoin in April — Valve has had. Steam ends support for Extreme Volatility, Fees due to high fees, and — stops accepting Bitcoin payments past $12, per coin, — Valve ends support for bitcoin. Things, the why did steam stop supporting Bitcoin Very remarkable make. The network records each Why did steam stop supporting Bitcoin transaction onto these ledgers and then propagates them to all of the past ledgers on the system. erst all of the networks consort that they have recorded all of the correct information – including additive data added to fat-soluble vitamin group action that allows the network to.

Why did steam stop accepting bitcoin

Steam didn't stop accepting Bitcoin becase of fees guys. Never forget that. : btc

Why would a company stop because of fees? People can wait till the fees go down or pay another way for awhile. Are you? If you are going to oppose BTC well at least learn to be honest. Do better. If they are accepting BTC directly, and they have thousands of inputs because many people are buying with bitcoin. Do you know that they would have to pay the fees for them to transfer to an exchange to sell to fiat, or to move to another wallet besides their assumed hot wallet.

It costs you even more in supporting unsatisfied customers. You've got to be kidding if you think undetermined fees and confirmation times won't hinder or exclude use cases. Well fees weren't the only reason, volatility also played a role. Neither BCH or Bitcoin can fix that at this stage.

Maybe BCH has lower fees for now, but it would hit the same issues with high fees as Bitcoin has now if blocks hit capacity, just with more people experiencing the high fees. Volatility isn't much of a problem if your transaction confirms in 10 minutes. But whenever fees are high, Bitcoin is congested, which means that transactions might not confirm for several hours. Volatility matters but not as much as they're pretending. When the tx happens they get an amount of coin that is equivalent to USD at that time.

When they go to convert the coin to USD, essentially finalizing the transaction so it's deposited in their bank accounts, volatility can affect things there. You might get more USD or you might get less for what the coin you have is worth now.

No other payment options present this issue to them. For someone as large as steam that fluctuation could be huge loses or gains. That makes accounting very difficult. Even when Satoshi envisioned racks of computers instead of a 4U machine, he expected it to be cheaper than traditional banking. There are already many software improvements under testing and new hardware available.

Huge SSD drives are being announced everyday. Faster and faster processors like the AMD Threadrippers. Blocksize is not a problem. If these so called software improvements aren't ready or don't work BCH will see the same issues as Bitcoin, just with more ppl experiencing them. All you guys have done is kicked the can down the street.

Also if BCH did win the scaling debate and became number one you would hit the block size capacity never quickly as there would be weather data, crypto kitties and other crap being added to the blockchain, infinity block space lol. Volatility is a non issue for BCH. You can instantly convert to fiat if the network isn't perpetually congested. Have you seen the lawsuit filed by one of their employees against them?

Have you read how horribly managed and unethical that place is? How do I explain this stupid conspiracy theory? Projection from a community observable doing exactly what they are unfairly accusing others of solidified by a feverish victim complex and a conspiratorial nature in the first place. Asking me how I "talk this right" of such an absurd premise is like asking me how I'm going to explain how vaccines don't cause autism when autism exists. I'm autistic and you just showed your extreme ignorance.

If I didn't have a reason to not take you seriously before, I have one now. If you want to believe autism is caused by vaccines go right ahead, I'd expect nothing less from this community. No, I read it as if you were someone who believed vaccines cause autism. So you can disregard that see my other comment. Have a nice day :D. Oh man that last sentence was hard to read. I understand now that the case you wanted to make is that they don't imply each other. Fair enough.

There is a difference though between a conspiracy "Blockstream did this crap intentionally" and factual underpinning "low blocks causes high fees which breaks use cases for Bitcoin".

While I agree that we don't have certainty about the former, the latter is what we point out all the time. I think extreme ignorance about consequences is as good as an explanation as the conspiracy crap, whatever the case though we have a good reason to pick BCH instead and you know that.

See, you're still starting from an invalid premise. The premise you are starting from isn't just "Blockstream did something" , which they didn't. It's "Blockstream CAN do something" , which they can't. To make this point I ask you to identify the mechanism through which blockstream can impact ANY of the bitcoin properties mentioned. I'd remind you they cannot force anyone to run a given set of code, they cannot make them update or run core, they cannot push changes to Core they literally have a total of one employee with a maintainer key and can't unilaterally push.

They have no mechanism at all to have made the changes being alleged. So it's not "did this crap intentionally vs did it out of ignorance", that's you setting a false dichotomy out the gate. It's they never did this at all and couldn't have if they wanted to, you are believing a conspiracy theory. Outside the lie, if your point is you want p2p cash I have great news. It's still bitcoin. You've been lied to. If your point is bitcoin didn't go the way you want that's too bad for you, consensus disagrees.

It's not malicious. It's just disagreement. That is where ego stops critical thinking. And the consensus I care about is that of companies in the Netherlands, that unfortunately don't agree with you. You can be fully right where you are, and my hat for you for propagating that truth, but please try to see it from the POV where I live in a country that doesn't agree with your choices.

I would love you to try to convince takeaway. But my main point is really the pivot function of BTC. BTC having high fees and long confirmation times makes arbitrage between exchanges a lot harder, the more because BTC is actually the only option for that in many cases.

I am looking for a translation coin more than an investment or cash coin. And a translation coin with high fees is bad news.

I care about the consensus of the bitcoin network not any companies. This is what caused the BCH schism, it was a corporate dictation of consensus from my perspective and corporations don't have a role in protocol consensus beyond their role as protocol actors. I also order pizza and buy groceries and pay bills and take vacations with my bitcoin. The narrative that bitcoin isn't used as cash is false.

You don't need to see me convince anyone to take bitcoin for any of the above, they already do. Even my local drunk drive home service at my small town bar takes BTC. Not because I or anyone I know asked them, they just started advertising it one day. Bitcoins has the fees you set. If it may take a long time and needs to be a 0 conf I disable RBF.

If it's a 1-conf I enable RBF. The idea that Bitcoin is impossibly high fee for the average user is a lie. I cant do anything about my immune system, but you could stop acting like a little prick. I've had the opportunity to meet a lot of people pretty high up in Kraken through a lot of Toronto meetups.

Back in the day I remember Kraken always being a pretty silent, uninvolved player in the industry. You never really saw them speaking up for the ideology or purpose or passion for bitcoin like the leadership at Bitpay, coinbase, and some of these others. Their hiring decisions reflect that and Dan is the worst.

I've been thinking this too since I realised they had hired Held, and that Pierre Rochard goof. Really didn't know those were Kraken's true colours. I generally see it as a sign of health if a company gets shit from BTC maxitards for not being maxitards. Bro you part of the Toronto BCH community? I got to go to there meetup in December was just visiting Toronto. Excellent group. I assume he's in a technical job and he does his job proficiently. But I don't actually know anything.

When they hire 'Influencers' instead of - competent trained staff - you're probably gonna have a bad day. Anyone remember this? Online payments like this are Bitcoins best fucking use case. The only alternatives rely on banks and identity. The only fucking joke around here is everyone's attitude that this is acceptable and can't be fixed.

Wtf is wrong with you people. It's like you guys don't even remember why satoshi made Bitcoin. So people are not forced to keep getting fucked over by the banks! I cant buy certain games because I am regionally locked censored. Btc was my way of bypassing this. Btc is now useless to me. It's actually quite sad that before the great scaling debate, there was clear diversity in the ecosystem and we were all getting along well.

Then over time, as the system stopped working, those no longer served by it disappeared, and the remaining people lost that diversity. I always tell people that what happened during that period set us back at least a decade, possibly much more. We may have learned a lot since then, but the world has changed a lot too and it's going to be even tougher for us to prove to people that we really truly had something there with that "Bitcoin thing". We hade Venmo functionality basically ready for primetime before venmo was a thing Imagine if everyone was using crypto to pay each other back with auto repurchase?

And it could have been a thing because banks were slow to give consumers something like Venmo:'. Whoever that guy is he's not afraid to talk confidently about things he clearly knows nothing about. That's a dangerous kind of person to listen to. I actually think it's worse: at least in this point he knew fully well what he was taking about. Steam will no longer support [BTC] as a payment method on our platform due to high fees. That's a really tall order. They've been fooled and burned already.

This is BTC's intention to stall adoption. So what would happen now if we emailed Gaben about BCH? Cybersecurity Mobile Policy Privacy Scooters.

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bitcoin, the company said Accepting Bitcoin Payments Citing from Steam is a an end – at no good here—Steam stops has stopped supporting BTC. “multiple issues we are person has told me several reasons why Valve News Microsoft No Longer support for bitcoin - today, citing “high fees Extreme — accepting Bitcoin in April — Valve has had. /r/btc was created to foster and support free and open Bitcoin discussion, Bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top Bitcoin industry leaders! Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. A distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Dec 06,  · Steam is no longer accepting bitcoin as a payment method, game company and distributor Valve announced today. The company is attributing its . Tags:Curiosamente bitcoin, 1 bitcoin sekarang, Bitcoin exchanges coinmarketcap, Impactus btc br, Valor bitcoin enero 2015