Buy SAVAGE BTCSS MODEL GunBroker is the largest seller of Lever Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: Savage Model 12 BTCSS is another addition to the 12 Varmint Series including a Long Range Precision Varminter that features a detachable box magazine with a right bolt/right port and a Varminter Low Profile with a detachable box magazine, as well as a stainless steel rifle with a laminated thumbhole stock and detachable box magazine.5/5(5). The Savage 12 varmint rifles are top notch. Accuracy is ALL that counts and they have it. In the bolt rifle the will give you more speed and you will learn to love that for varmints.

Savage model 12 btcss 223

Compared: Savage 12 Series Varmint Rifles

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Savage Bedding. I had the exact same problem with a 12 bvss. Turned out that the action screws loosened up. I didn't notice till I was packing up, and moved the gun by grabing the barrel. I have noticed this problem with even some new from the factory savages. Tourque it down properly will remove the problem. Even better is to bed with pillars. Your tourque on the action screws will then probably be more stable.

If the rifle is not bedded and, has only those pathetic little "ferrules" as pillars, then exact torqueing will be impossible to maintain. Keep it simple and hand tighten the screws. Then shoot the rifle or, dry fire again to see if the crosshairs jump. Bedding " had the exact same problem with a 12 bvss. I had the same issue with a Tctical model that was suppsoed to be pillar bedded from the factory.

Does it group like 1 high then 1 low and then 1 back up where the first shot was and so on and so on? You are shooting the first shot with lets say the action slid all the way forward. As you shoot the action slides all the way back. You shoot the next shot with it in the back position.

Once the shot goes off it moves back to the forward spot. Hence giving you two or thre seperate groups. Spend the money get it bedded. Tighting the screws will compress the stock and only get worse over time I pilar bedded it and my headaches are now gone. Joined Jul 3, Messages Savage will only tighten the screws.

Take it to a smith and have it pillar bedded. Roll-Yur-Own said:. Varmint rifles are sometimes called upon to fire several shots in succession in the field, so barrel heating is a factor that must be reckoned with.

We shot groups for record with several types of ammunition. This popular varmint load was chosen for its availability and low price. In addition, factory loads with 55 grain bullets were also tried. Bullets and powder charges varied as we sought to find a load acceptable to each rifle from our personal stock on hand. Two powders that we have found to be acceptable in most. Following are the shooting results obtained with our Savage 12 Series Varmint rifles. The first reload selected for the Low Profile used the same 50 grain Hornady V-Max bullet as used in reloads for the other two Savage rifles, but this time in front of This is the standard varmint hunting load for this rifle.

The second reload used the Hornady Spire Point 60 grain bullet in front of This rifle prefers IMR powder to the other powders that we have tried. This load used the 50 grain Hornady V-Max bullet in front of The other used the 60 grain Hornady Spire Point bullet the same bullet used in the Low Profile , but in front of By the time we got to the Varminter Thumbhole we were running low on some varieties of ammunition.

Analyzing these results leads to the conclusion that 1 all four Savage rifles are accurate in the extreme, and 2 you might as well pick the style you prefer because there is no practical difference in accuracy. These four rifles shot average groups of 0. Those tiny variations between rifles are well within the margin of shooter error.

You really can't ask more than that. However, there are differences from the user's standpoint. The most obvious difference is the stocks. If you insist on a synthetic stock, you will buy the Long Range Precision Varminter, end of story. Beyond the fact that the Long Range Precision Varminter has a composite synthetic stock and the other three have laminated hardwood stocks, each stock has a different shape.

Choose the one that fits you best. The actions are also different. The Low Profile can be had either way. If you are a "lefty," you'll probably favor the left handed version of the Low Profile. The other three models are intended for right handed shooters.

This is a very heavy, and very muzzle heavy, rifle. It is the best of the three for shooting from a bench rest, but due to its weight and extreme weight forward balance it would almost have to be fired from a bipod in the field.

It is really too heavy to do much hiking with, and attaching a bipod merely increases the weight and balance problem. The Long Range Precision Varminter is probably the most specialized and least practical of the three as an all-around varmint rifle, although in shape its stock is similar to the more field oriented Low Profile and less extreme than the 12BVSS target stock.

It is supplied with the very light Target AccuTrigger. Shooting from a rest you need only work the action once or twice to stop, slap yourself on the forehead, and say," Why didn't I think of that? We suggest that the weight of the rifle could be decreased and the balance dramatically shifted rearward by shortening the barrel. Somewhere between 22" and 24" ought to do it. The resulting rifle would be just as accurate for bench rest shooting and considerably handier in the field. The cost of such modifications in ballistic performance and accuracy in.

This is something that they should look into. In that case, a second front sling swivel stud would be appreciated so that a sling and a bipod could be attached at the same time.

I can imagine, after the very successful introduction of the 12BVSS, the good folks responsible for Savage product development were getting letters from users requesting a 12BVSS type rifle with a more "sporter" oriented stock. Thus, about a year later, the Low Profile was introduced and it has become the most popular of the 12 series varmint rifles.

It is, however, slimmer than the 12BVSS and perhaps that makes it a little handier and easier to carry. The full pistol grip does not have as tight a curve as the grip of the 12BVSS, the butt pad is slightly contoured and the angle of pitch is adjusted to make the Low Profile a little easier to shoulder and to shoot from a variety of positions. If I were Savage, I'd reduce the barrel length to 24" to further optimize the Low Profile for field use by making the rifle handier and somewhat lighter.

The wide forend spreads the weight of the barrel and makes it relatively easy to take advantage of impromptu rests in the field.

Like most varmint rifles, the Low Profile will usually be fired from some sort of rest or bipod, so a forend adapted to the purpose makes sense. Supplied with the Savage AccuTrigger. While a repeating version of this rifle is available, the smoothness and reliability of the single shot version make it a real pleasure to use.

While a varmint rifle may be shot a lot in the course of a day's hunting, it is seldom necessary to shoot particularly quickly. The single shot is really seems to be the best way to go if your choice is a Low Profile and you're not addicted to rapid fire shooting.

The 12BVSS is immediately recognizable by its black forend tip. Being something of a fan of the aesthetics of black forend tips, I wish that particular feature had been carried over to the Low Profile. This is a target style stock intended for shooting from the prone position.

this savage is driving me nuts Savage chambered for .223 can shoot 5.56 ?

Savage Model 12 Creedmoor with 26" heavy fluted barrel. $ with Leupold FX-3 25x40mm scope. GUN COLLECTIONS WANTED FOR CASH! We buy, sell, consign and trade new and used fir. Product Details Savage Model 12 BTCSS is another addition to the 12 Varmint Series that features a detachable box magazine with a right bolt/right port and a Varminter Low Profile. It also features a laminated thumbhole stock, matte finish stainless steel barrel, . Compared: Four Caliber Savage 12 Series Varmint Rifles By the Guns and Shooting Online Staff In , , and Savage successively introduced a quartet of top of the line, bolt action varmint rifles. These are the Model 12BVSS, Varminter Low Profile, Long Range Precision Varminter and Varminter Thumbhole. Tags:Bitcoin usd notowania, Bitcoin dangerous, Bitcoin tv programme, Buy bitcoin with litecoin gdax, Bitcointalk telegram bounty