Dec 15,  · MONTREAL, Dec. 15, /CNW Telbec/ - Nomad Royalty Company Ltd. ("Nomad" or the "Company") (TSX: NSR) (OTCQX: NSRXF) is pleased to announce that it has joined the United Nations ("UN") Global Compact. Launched in , the UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world, with more than 11, companies and non-business signatories . Nomad Careers 0 This afternoon BTC has crossed $15, mark and it has stayed above $15k for some time now. The uptick has halted just before reaching the . In this script I included 2 quite interesting indicators for Bitcoin: * NVT (Network Value to Transactions Ratio) * NVTS (NVT Signal) Both indicators are based on Bitcoin Network Value (Market Cap) and 24h transaction volume. For both these values I'm using Quandl datasets from market_cap: QUANDL:BCHAIN/MKTCP transac_vol: QUANDL:BCHAIN/ETRVU Calculation for both indicators are.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. If the primer is indented, the defective shell should be disposed of in a way that cannot cause harm. If the primer is not indented, your firearm should be examined by a qualified gunsmith and the cause of the malfunction corrected before further use. Glance down the barrel to make sure that no obstructions remain in the barrel. Completely clear the barrel before loading and firing again.

Failure to follow these instructions can cause extensive damage to your firearm and possible serious injury to yourself and others. The caliber or gauge of your firearm is marked on the barrel. Store all catridges of different calibers or gauges in completely separate and well-marked containers. Never store cartridges of mixed calibers or gauges in a common container or in your pockets.

We assume no responsibility for the use of unsafe or improper firearm and ammunition combinations or damage or injury caused by damaged ammunition. See [your firearm's owner's manual] for more information on the correct ammunition for your firearm. However, we assume no responsibility for incidents which occur through the use of cartridges of nonstandard dimension or those developing pressures in excess of SAAMI established standards.

Treat every firearm with the respect due a loaded firearm, even though you are certain the firearm is unloaded. Know the range of your ammunition. Never shoot at water or hard objects. Never place your firearm on or against a fence, tree, car or other similar object. If you observe other shooters violating any of these safety precautions, politely suggest safer handling practices. Special and extreme care should be taken to be sure your firearm is unloaded before disassembly, cleaning and reassembly.

Keep ammunition away from the cleaning location. Never test the mechanical function of any firearm with live ammunition. Closely supervise newcomers to the shooting sports. Encourage enrollment in hunting and shooting safety courses. Your vision, motor skills and judgment could be dangerously impaired, making your gun handling unsafe to you and to others. It is your responsibility to secure the most up-to-date information on the safe handling procedures of your Browning firearm.

Your firearm is a mechanical device which will not last forever, and as such, is subject to wear and requires periodic inspection, adjustment and service.

We assume no responsibility for injuries suffered or caused by unauthorized servicing, alterations or modifications of Browning firearms. We reserve the right to refuse service on firearms that have been altered, added to or substantially changed. You will be charged for parts and labor to return the firearm to original specifications prior to servicing your firearm.

Browning firearms are designed and engineered to meet stringent safety standards. Browning is not responsible for personal injuries or property damage caused by alterations to a firearm. These conditions may or may not be apparent to the user for example, installing an aftermarket barrel may have the effect of altering critical firearm dimensions, including headspace, and may create an unsafe firing condition, etc. Aftermarket parts or components that do not satisfy SAAMI standards, or that could create other dangerous conditions, should not be used.

According to state law, California requires that firearm manufacturers, distributors and retailers include conspicuous, specific warnings with firearms sold in that state. Firearms must be handled responsibly and securely stored to prevent access by children and other unauthorized users. California has strict laws pertaining to firearms, and you may be fined or imprisoned if you fail to comply with them.

Prevent child access by always keeping guns locked away and unloaded when not in use. If you keep a loaded firearm where a child obtains and improperly uses it, you may be fined or sent to prison. California cuenta con leyes estrictas sobre las armas de fuego, y puede ser multado y encarcelado si no las obedece.

Take me to Browning International No. Take me to Browning North America. Owner's Manuals for Firearms and Safes.

Current Owner's Manuals. A-Bolt Shotgun. Citori Gold Light 10 Gauge. BAR MK 3. Buck Mark 22 Rifle. Buck Mark Safe Owners Manual. Lagard Electronic Lock Instructions. Security Door Installation Instructions. Vault Door Installation Instructions. Pistol Vault Instructions. Shotguns Discontinued. Auto-5 Light. Auto-5 Magnum. BT Plus.

Citori Plus. Citori Grand Prix Supplement.

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