You can trade Futures contracts of bitcoin but as for the actual bitcoin private keys and trading that aspect of it, no you can not. However this doesn't really matter to most people because all they want to do is trade the price of bitcoin and don't really care much about having a hash key to represent their coins. Bloons TD Battles. Play the original BTD Battles web! It's monkey vs monkey! Go head to head with other players in a battle for victory. Bloons TD Battles includes unique new tracks, designed specially for multiplayer combat. What is RollerCoin? RollerCoin is an online virtual bitcoin mining game. You earn real bitcoins by just simply playing games on their website. There are no offer walls, tasks to complete or ads to click like other bitcoin faucets.

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Fastest way to earn free bitcoin | Ninja Faucet

There's so many About me BitcoinNinjas. Markets Allocation. All Scripts. Indicators Only. This feature is currently under development and not active. With the cost of electricity, those days increase even more!

Those things are forbidden like anywhere else. Even if there is some script, hack or bot, using it will get your account banned. But I can provide you deposit proofs, which you can validate. It seems legit, but the earnings are way out of balance in my opinion.

Plus, it requires a lot of investments to start earning some bitcoins. Even traditional faucets give you more bitcoins than this game. A good example is Coinpot, you can earn much more with Coinpot 5 faucets than only this one.

If you are interested in how much you can earn with Coinpot make sure you read my post about Coinpot tokens explained. What is RollerCoin? How RollerCoin works? Games How much you can earn? Game strategy and tips What about hacks, scripts, and bots?

Do I have any payment proof? Final words. Is RollerCoin scam or legit? Source: Similarweb. Rollercoin Update Discover why Moonliteco. This channel is one of the first channels to focus on bitcoin and still to this day Chris will upload videos per week. He has been there and seen it all over the years, a man of experience but often underrated on YouTube as shown in his subscribers being just over k right now.

That is a lot of subscribers for a YouTube channel but others have gain far more in a much shorter space of time. This tells a story in itself, Chris gives real opinions and is his channel is not a hype machine like so many others. While the majority of crypto YouTubers merely churn out whatever low quality content they can just to get something out each day, these guys do the complete opposite. While they may only produce videos each month, these videos are exceptional quality with great care taken on lighting camera angles, script etc.

Has only been around since January but has attracted massive amount of subscribers in that time with his very in-depth, informative videos on cryptocurrencies and investment platforms.

This guy is extremely professional and well spoken always worth watching if you want to know more about a project and can't be bothered to read through website and marketing materials yourself.

Without a doubt this is my favorite crypto YouTuber. Down to earth almost vlog style videos that creates very relaxed easy to watch content. I began mining crypto after watching a ton of VoskCoin tutorials so I have him to blame for all the money I've lost! BitBoy Crypto is an unlikely favorite of many crypto enthusiast. His daily videos do seem to be very popular with the crypto algorithm with some attracting over k views.

That may not sound like a lot but for someone who uploads daily that is extremely good. Although is it really surprising that he has had the odd successful video since he has managed to smash out over 1, videos in just the first two years! He has a similar production quality to chico crypto and also a similar subscriber count. I used to watch this mad man quite regularly back in but it seems that now he has shifted his focus away from YouTube and more towards copying my style, stole my beard and hair-do even our trading bot ideas ;- But that is cool, he is a great guy and reminds me a lot of the type of friends I had back in the Army.

A likable rogue, that even though he does come across extremely brash he actually has a lot of experience in crypto and knows what he is talking about. This guy started out as a crypto YouTuber at about the same time that I began the Moocharoo channel. And in all this time I had never heard of him before, the only reason he is in the list is because Moocharoo Ninja members suggested adding him here.

I have since checked out his videos and found them to be of great quality. It is very easy to see why after approx. Why are all the good YouTubers from Canada? I don't know what they are putting in the water in Toronto but they do seem to churn out a lot of high quality YouTubers and Hashoshi is no exception. I only found out about Hashoshi when we were both featured in this SafePal promo video: youtube.

I had never seen anything from this YouTuber until someone mentioned him in the comments of one of my videos. His channel has been around since Jan and as the channel name suggests he does content for developers on how to create Ethereum based token contracts using Solidity. A very nice break from the usual crypto news channels.

He uploads about well edited tutorial videos each week, he also has a website with further tutorials at: Dapp University. This guy is one of the funniest crypto youtubers out there, but he's more than just a funny face he is also smart! I have seen a few of his videos over the last two years and have always been impressed with his amusing tales and expert editing that really makes all the difference.

Though he may not be a regular uploader of content, when he does upload it is usually worth watching.

I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. DO NOT auto log out for 6 hours. Vote so we can find the Top 50 Crypto YouTubers Below are the realtime stats of the top cryptocurrency traders on YouTube, if you are into crypto then these are the guys you should be following.

Altcoin Daily. Alessio Rastani. Ivan on Tech. Chico Crypto. The Crypto Lark. Crypto Daily. The Modern Investor.

RollerCoin game review – Overview, strategy, and tips. Why Should I use Botmex Ninja?

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