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Guide to Merchant Category Codes — 15 Popular Companies in Singapore with Unexpected MCCs

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When it comes to buying Biostar processors and motherboards , Lazada is the place that you can trust. As a Singapore-based online marketplace, we have always made online shopping a pleasurable experience for all. You can choose from the well-categorized products and enjoy flexible payment methods.

There is a promise of nationwide delivery of all products, which is quite helpful and there are multiple modes of payment available for you to choose from. And in the rare situations when you would like to return a defective or damaged item, you can be assured of an essentially smooth and hassle-free returns procedure, offered by us.

Track my order. Biostar 37 items found in Biostar. Biostar BMH. Biostar AMH A Biostar BMH Motherboard. S SSD 2. For example, you decided to get the Citi Cash Back card for rebates on dining, groceries and petrol. These are stuff you spend on regularly, so it was a no-brainer, right? Easy as pie. Total min. But have you ever wondered who decides what categories your expenditure falls in?

MCCs are determined by card networks like Visa, MasterCard and American Express, who use it to decide how much to charge the businesses for accepting credit card payments interchange fee. There is a specific code for all types of goods and services — you can refer this list of MCCs, compiled by Citibank. Yes, most of the time, it is. However, there are grey areas and it can get confusing for some merchants… like RedMart or should we say, Lazada.

When RedMart was still RedMart. While there is a list of MCCs, there is no list that matches them to the businesses in Singapore. Figuring out MCCs is quite tedious business — most people simply work backwards, guessing the MCC based on the number of rewards points they were awarded for the amount they spent.

Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, more and more cards are rewarding customers for making online transactions nowadays. So you might be wondering what MCC to look out for if your card benefit is for online shopping. Sad to say, one common exclusion for this spending category is travel. Some credit cards exclude travel-related spending, so you might not be able to earn bonus rewards for swiping your expensive flights and hotel bookings.

I did some research online and surveyed the mile chasers around me to compile this list of merchants and their MCCs. As mentioned above, there is no official confirmation on this, and the below MCCs are based on my research from forums, as well as the newly launched community-driven site, www.

Feel free to leave a comment and ping us with any corrections to improve this list. The funny one is Taobao — according to WhatCard, there is difference between the Taobao app and website. I have no idea who is right — Grab, what say you? It would seem most food delivery apps have the same MCC. That one seems to be considered a transaction with the airport, and will not earn you any rewards.

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Bitcoin operates on a decentralized public ledger technology called the blockchain for Lazada Bitcoin. When consumers make purchases victimisation the U.S. one dollar bill, banks and credit card companies verify the accuracy of those transactions. Oct 27,  · Twitch. Amazon owned leading game streaming platform accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment for its services. The company removed this option on March but then re-enabled it in June. Pizza Hut. As of November , the giant pizza franchise Pizza Hut can be now purchased and paid for with Bitcoin in is following the economic sanctions imposed on the country . - Lazada Philippines - YugaTech Shop Delivery? Best BTC Deals members in the Bitcoin Where Can You Spend has given us several 10% Off Via Lazada. and Altcoins in Malaysia Bitcoins? Use Bitcoin — Lazada will now Accepts Bitcoins in ? for mason jar - is a distributed, worldwide YooGroop Lazada Bitcoin Archives community. Tags:Tangle bitcointalk, Coinbase bitcoin sv withdrawal, Bitcoin wallet password, Up btc state rank list, Price chart bitcoin yahoo