This is a simple instrumental version of the song 'Qing Tian' by Jay Chou. If you have difficulty reading the notes, click here to print the Music Notes Chart for the Guitar. I hope this helps. Here's the Music Sheet (PNG Image Format) Note that it's better to print the PDF Version above. Click on image to enlarge.. Download the MP3 ~ to. jaychou's feedback and Bitcoin buy sell offers. Jay Chou 周杰倫 “New King of Asian Pop” — Time magazine () “One of the most influential figures in Asia”— CNN () Music Career -Iconic musician of the 21st century -Since Missing: bitcoin.

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Welcome: Jay Chow - Qing Tian

His enunciation, or lack thereof, whether rapping or singing, was also critiqued when listeners often found that they could not decipher the words sung until they looked up the lyrics. Critics referred to his singing as "mumbling". This garnered a lot of attention and reporters often quiz Chou on his singing style. Chou defended this as his signature style to infuse the vocals with the music and "make it blend" well together.

Chou also stated that he wants the listeners to look at the lyrics stating the lyrics written by Vincent Fang are very deep. The singer has sold over , copies of Fantasy as of , throughout the region.

In the same year, Chou held his debut concert tour The One. There was also more crossover activity between Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as steadily increasing activity by Japanese acts in the region. In , Chou released his fourth album Yeh Hui-mei named after his own mother.

After the release of this album, he attended the Golden Melody Awards for his previous album's nomination. The album The Eight Dimensions was nominated for 5 categories but won none. Yeh Hui-mei was both a commercial and musical success. This album can be seen as Jay's second milestone because it gained extremely positive reaction from both critics and supporters of his music.

This song gained widespread popularity and high school students started learning guitar to play the drift of the song's intro. In Hong Kong, his album surpassed local albums with sales of 50, units.

In China the official figure reached 2. The song, which features Mayday frontman Ashin, was released on 16 September , and its music video has since been viewed over 22 million times on YouTube. In fact, the song was streamed so many times that it was reported to have caused QQ music — China's biggest streaming platform — to crash on the day of its release.

He published his new single "Mojito". It caused a sensation on the Internet. Chou's compositions are loosely categorized as pop music. His formal musical training is evident by the use of classical textures in his compositions.

Chou's albums have been noted for the lack of change compared to his earlier works, yet he firmly stated that he will not alter his style: "They say I've been standing still Chou is considered more of a singer-composer than a lyricist. Several "regulars" write the lyrics for most of his music, [23] but the content and style is unified with his own personality and image, covering a diverse range of topics and ideas. Vincent Fang accounts for more than half of the lyrics in his albums, helping to establish an important element in Chou's music: the use of meaningful, imagery- and emotionally rich lyrics, sometimes written in the form of ancient Chinese poetry with reference to Chinese history or folklore.

Chou's parents divorced when he was 14 years old. According to Jay's accounts of his childhood in interviews, his father had subjected his mother to daily verbal and physical abuse, often witnessed by traumatized young Jay. Once grown and starting to realize fame among southeast Asian singers, his difficult childhood experiences influenced the young artist's penning of songs like "In the Name of Father" detailing the cruelty and brutality of the domestic violence he'd witnessed at his father's hand.

Chou leads a new trend of music which combines western musical elements and Chinese literature terms. Because of this unique combination, he makes distinction between himself and other musicians by leading a " Zhongguo feng " [26] in Asian music history.

The success of his Western-Chinese musical combination is built on his marketing strategies and the musical elements involved in his works. In early 21st century, the People's Republic of China was in an economic transition model.

The new generation was looking for a consumption pop culture which would reflect individual uniqueness in the social circumstance.

Jay has successfully generated airtime on CCTV by fitting in with the mainland's political and cultural agenda and celebrating traditional Chinese values.

The traditional Chinese cultural elements involved in Chou's music contribute to his status in Asian popular music culture. Chou's Zhongguo feng is highlighted in his lyrics and the use of traditional musical instruments in his music. Lyricist Vincent Fang has worked with Jay Chou since Fang's work is featured by addressing Chinese traditional elements, such as poetry and Confucianism.

In this work, Fang puts images which indicate certain traditional ideas to build an ancient monarchy setting. He uses chrysanthemum as a metaphor of love. He performs in a rhythm and blues style, but within this western form, he has inserted Chinese melodies, themes, and rhythms.

In the lyrics, Jay expresses sadness and loneliness subtly, similar to traditional Chinese poetry. Chou also uses traditional musical instruments, combining traditional Chinese elements of music with Western pop. Chou began as a songwriter for other singers and continued this area of work even after he debuted his own career in singing.

The group has been noted for sounding too similar to their mentor; [35] as a result, Chou has reduced his involvement in the band, [36] but continues to help increase their exposure to mass audiences by inviting them as guests performers for his own concerts and music videos.

Besides working with singers, Chou's longest-running collaboration is with lyricist Vincent Fang, as they both started their careers in the music field in The first stop of this new world tour opened in the same city as its preceding world tour Shanghai on 2 May , with more stops opening in same destinations. To celebrate his 20th year in the entertainment industry, the eight World Tour "20 Carnival World Tour" held its first concert in Shanghai on 17 October , with more stops to be announced.

He has since acted in three other movies, directed one film and more than a dozen music videos. Chou, who once said "I live because of music", [50] ventured into movies because he felt the need for a new challenge.

As fans have grown concerned that movies will compromise his music career, Chou has repeatedly reassured that movies are a source of inspiration and not a distraction; at the same time, he realizes the need to balance both careers and maintain his place in the music field to garner the continued support of fans.

Entry into acting was an unexpected move for Chou. Some reviewers criticized his bland acting [56] while others felt he performed naturally, but only because the character's personality closely mirrored his own. As a supporting character, he drew much of the attention of Chinese reporters; Chou's involvement in this movie was announced in its own press conference, [61] separate from the meeting held for Chow Yun-fat , Gong Li , and the other actors.

In this internationally released film, North American audiences saw Chou for the first time. According to Chinese movie critics, comments about his acting ranged from "lacks complexity" [62] to "acceptable," [63] [64] but was critically praised by Western reviewers.

The movie was released in theatres over Asia on 17 January With most of the scenes shot in the Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian countries, earlier filming process has been slightly disrupted due to political conflicts in the Middle East. In , it was announced that Chou joined the cast of Vin Diesel 's fourth xXx film. Chou acquired his first directing experience in through music videos. After learning the difficulties of being a director, he refused to direct again even at the request of his record company.

In February , Chou began directing his first film Secret. The script written by Chou was inspired by his relationship with a high school girlfriend, with a plot focused on music, love, and family. Despite previous experience in filming music videos, Chou admits that movies are more challenging due to storyline and time constraints.

It generated a more muted response compared to his directorial debut, [83] the box office receipts in mainland China, on the other hand were positive. For the usually low-profile singer, this book revealed his personality and convictions that has served as the basis of his musical and public image.

He demonstrated a strong appreciation of family values with an especially deep connection with his mother and maternal grandmother. His confidence and dedication towards music is evident as he dedicated 2 out of 7 chapters to music: the current state of the industry, his composition methodology, and the importance of individualism to his success in music.

The laptop is most notable for its lid design, sound system, start-up and shut-down tones, and a unique "J" font for its key. All of which, except for the sound system, are designed and composed by Jay himself. In , Jay endorses Luxgen.

Jay has been the spokesperson for "Angel Heart Foundation" since , a non-profit charity for children with intellectual disability. He also attended the charity event from Fubon Charity Foundation, and has been the ambassador for the charity, which helps school children with disabilities, hardship or giving children living in poverty a scholarship for their education.

More importantly, Jay decides to hold more and more eSports events in the Jay eSports building, which is helpful for the development of eSport industry in China. Despite living under continual media scrutiny, Chou's public image has changed little over the years as he emphasizes individuality as his "personal philosophy".

As Jay was influenced by action movies, he also wrote songs about martial arts, even when he had no formal training in any martial arts discipline. As with other stars, Chou has expressed a strong dislike of the paparazzi.

In the early years of his career, unwanted attention by the media was usually dealt with by avoidance. In-line with his quiet nature, he frequently wore baseball caps and hoods while lowering his head and evading eye contact during interviews.

To discourage the paparazzi from taking unsolicited pictures, Chou is known to photograph the paparazzi that follow him. The media have also accused Chou of evading compulsory military service [] by feigning to suffer from ankylosing spondylitis. Later that year he was acquitted after providing the relevant medical records and letters from the army confirming a lawful exemption from draft dated before the start of his music career.

Despite constant harassment and stalking by the media, he does acknowledge that not all media attention is unwelcome. An editorial written by Kerry Brown of Chatham House named Chou as one of the 50 most influential figures in China, one of only three singers on a list dominated by politicians and corporate owners.

It is difficult to estimate the size and global spread of Chou's fanbase. Jay's fanbase originated from Taiwan and grew extensively to other Mandarin-speaking regions. Despite rampant piracy issues in this region of Asia, particularly in China, every album Chou has released so far has surpassed 2 million sales. According to Baidu , the most popular internet search engine in China, Chou is the number one searched male artist in , 05, 06 and His intention to increase his prominence in the Western world beyond Chinese audiences is clear.

In , Chou composed and sang the theme song for Fearless , a movie released in major theatres in most English-speaking countries, [] though the impact to his fame has been minimal. Despite having a supporting but important role in the story's plot, the North American version of the official posters only featured a view of his back, greatly contrasting the Asian versions where his face and name were clear and placed between the leading actor and actress.

Although Chou is still far from being well known to English audiences, this movie has brought him international exposure. Chou gained further exposure to western audiences in his starring role as crimefighter Kato in January 's The Green Hornet.

In November , Chou confirmed his relationship with model Hannah Quinlivan. Sarah Haywood planned their wedding in the United Kingdom. In , he was baptised. However, failure to win "Best Album" for three consecutive years has left him disheartened with award ceremonies. Although he continues to win more than 20 awards per year from various organizations in Asia, Chou has stated he will rely more on album sales as an indicator of his music's quality and popularity.

Jay Chou scored strong radio and video airplay in Italy with his track "Nunchucks", in []. This year, you can catch Jackie Chan's new action flick Vanguard from the first day of the festivities, Jan The movie, directed by Stanley Tong and partly shot in Dubai, features Jackie as the head of an international security team who goes all out to rescue a kidnapped businessman. Along the way, they uncover a sinister conspiracy.

During the movie's press conference in Beijing on Wednesday Dec 18 , Stanley talked about an accident during filming. A yacht that Jackie was on hit a rock and flipped, throwing the superstar into the water. Stanley was apparently so terrified that he cried. When Jackie was pulled back to shore, he told the director calmly: "This is the first time in so many years that I've seen you cry!

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Jay Chou (simplified Chinese: 周杰伦; traditional Chinese: 周杰倫; pinyin: Zhōu Jiélún; born 18 January ) is a Taiwanese singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, actor, film director, businessman and magician. Dubbed the "King of Mandopop", and having sold more than 30 million albums, Chou is one of the best-selling artists in Mainland China and is known for his work with Missing: bitcoin. Dec 12,  · Business Increased for Man Who Looked Like Jay Chou Selling Egg Pancakes in China. Or in this case, a business boom. One social media user went to buy egg pancakes from a stall in Hebei province of China. What was unexpected was to find out a pretty accurate doppelganger if famous singer Jay Chou. Image: WeiboAuthor: Ashley Seek. jaychou's feedback and Bitcoin buy sell offers. Tags:Efectivo a bitcoin, Pay salary in bitcoin, Top websites to buy bitcoins, Bitcoin dollar to naira, How much did you earn from bitcoin