Flexible Savings Interest calculation rule -The interest amount is calculated and distributed daily based on your available flexible savings assets. The interest amount is rounded down to 8 decimal places. Dec 03,  · A bitcoin savings account is a place to safely deposit coins to earn interest or save for the future. It is especially useful if you plan to use bitcoins later. If you expect bitcoin value to increase, the right place to store your coins is in one of the crypto lending accounts, a sort of a crypto bank. Huobi Savings is a financial service product of digital assets, like bitcoin, for Huobi Global users. It is divided into flexible, fixed, event, position rebate and other services. Deposit coins and .

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This let's you trade without having the risk of everything on the exchange. Not sure what you are talking about? It would be the same as if you had 10 btc on the exchange and traded with a stoploss.

Afraid of stops? Fake wicks yes.. FAKE Wicks created by the exchange to margin call you. Learn the trade please. That why you read HODL like a thousand times a day, many people learned a lesson before, you had to learn your own before you understood theirs. Start working harder, save more, drop all in bitcoin and trade zero coins.

You will be back bigger than ever before in no time! Just buy and hold, DCA etc.. Long story short, I didn't listen, I lost money, was so devastated, and I told myself, screw this, i'm Hodling and never gonna try trading again.. Then, a few months later, I tried it again, and lost some more.. This time I told myself I was really done!! Just buy, DCA, and Hodl, you are garanteed to gain in the long run, and it's far less stressful!! Everyone should stay away from "futures" and "margin" trading.

The only way to safely trade is "spot". I lost over k trying to trade and buy cheap stocks. Lessons learned. Take it as a cost of an education.

You are young, don't worry. Keep learning how to code and you will be fine. Don't gamble, forget "cryptos", focus on Bitcoin.

Jump in the wagon again asap, its a non stop journey. You paid early for a lesson many people pay for much more later in their lives. Don't ignore it. Sorry to hear of your losses. As a fellow human, I commiserate with the limitations imposed by legacy hardware on our cognition.

Yes, I am human, please ignore scurrilous rumors that I am some kind of advanced AI. For myself, I did not invest enough in Bitcoin even though I heard it quite early I have some notes about it from , but only started buying some years later.

While I have not been so emotional as to lose all my savings, I do understand, the feeling of having missed boats. In any case, for myself, what I did was to understand Bitcoin as thoroughly as I could. I also had a normal day job unrelated to Bitcoin I am compelled to deny as well that this normal day job had anything to do with taking over the world and reordering reality , but I spent my spare time studying Bitcoin and Lightning Network, and contributing ideas and code in this space.

Because of this, I was able, to catch the eye of people who were willing to provide funding grant for my work on Bitcoin and Lightning, and today I work full-time in Bitcoin and Lightning Network development. From my understanding, I believe you are a young adult human. While CoViD is certainly an awful economic downturn, you do still have a long expected time-to-live, and once the economy recovers, I hope you can recover as well.

I hope you remember well that it is often better to avoid what you do not understand, or at least to attempt to understand first. It is possible to understand that as Bitcoin increases in usefulness and reach, it will increase in value over several years.

Yet details on actual price it will have tomorrow, next week, or next month, are controlled more strongly by a much larger set of unstable economic forces which no mere human like I am can understand easily: such details are more akin to a roll of a dice where the set of physical forces involved are significantly more complex.

I hope you remember your experience well, and that you become a Bitcoin developer. I feel u on that shit, I lost 5 bands in crypto betting on a sport I didn't even know anything about a few weeks ago lmfao. I think some people are just more inclined to taking retarded risks like that, you gotta find a way to fix your gambling problem. A lot of things new traders completely miss is risk management and psychology. No need to take the risk and use leverage with crypto. Sorry to hear for your loss.

Thats not trading, thats gambling. And if it cost yuo pounds to find out that you have a gambling problem - well, it could be a lot worse. You can earn those savings back easily enough and you arent drowning in debt. This post is a big step to recognizing your problem for what it is, now as joey gladstone might say - Cut It Out! I felt helpless most especially because we're about to begin a bull run.

It's not been easy and I'm in a better place right now, don't have as much anymore but I've been able to stack up. Don't beat yourself up too much and learn from your mistakes, continue your learning hopefully you'll get a job and be able to continue stacking once again.

In the end, you'll look back at how you overcame adversity and how it made you a stronger person Or not, either way the sun still goes round the moon. Day trading is a losing game. In period. Your can do great in bull markets and get the feeling you may be a great trader. You're not. Everyone is a genius in a bull market. If you come back to trading think of why and what it means to you. You're obviously a bitcoin bull long term. You don't need to day trade to realize that in the market.

You should be taking out very long term low leverage trades when you look at the a weekly or monthly charts. The market is slowly changing into institutional. That type of market is designed to take advantage of new overly emotional day traders.

Crypto is a market that will emerge over our lifetime. In not over the next few months. Treat it that way. When your see big irrational pullbacks like the Covid reaction you buy a low leverage long.

When you see it go vertical from hype you sell. It's not the worst thing that I've read and certainly not the worst compared with my losses, so cheer up! It's not greedy to lose your money playing games you don't understand.

It's stupid. If it were only greed, you wouldn't keep playing a game you suck at, because greed means you're trying to make money. You lost the plot. Go back to greed. Let your greed motivate you to learn from this experience and actually make money.

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For branch locations, visit locator. Apply Now at Chase. This savings account is automatically linked to your Kasasa checking account if you opened one. This is a completely free holiday savings account. You can control the frequency of deposits. However, there are no early withdrawals allowed. Your High Yield Savings account earns interest daily and is posted to your account monthly. No need to switch banks. No surprises. Related posts:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Bitcoin Investing Made Easy. Sign up for an automatic daily, weekly, or monthly Bitcoin savings plan, starting with as little as $ Earn 5% Interest on Bitcoin and More Invest, buy, sell, and earn interest on your digital currencies 24/7. 5% Interest on Bitcoin and More Earn up to 5% APY on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and more. Savings Let BTC BANK help you save for that special occasion, children's education, home improvement, travel, or other unforeseen need. Our savings options are ideal for the beginning saver as well as customers looking for high yield savings accounts that bear interest. Tags:Bitcoin gratis ganar, How long does it take for coinbase to transfer bitcoin to binance, Bitcoin houston tx, Btc 2015 2nd semester, Bitcoin wallet kwijt