Nov 01,  · With LTC following BTCs recent moves, the next aim for LTC could be the $64 USD resistance level. However, as mentioned, LTC currently has a high correlation with BTC. BTC falling could see LTC retest the $51 USD support level. The Pearson correlation coefficient is a beneficial mechanism to measure this correlation and assess the strength of a linear relationship between two data sets. It takes values between -1 and 1. -1 is a strong negative correlation, 0 implies no correlation at all (uncorrelated) and +1 stands for a strong positive correlation. History of exchange rate for BTC/LTC or (Bitcoin / Litecoin) Recently converted 1 ECO to CENNZ. Just Now. BTC to NZD. 2 seconds ago. BCH to CHF. 2 seconds ago. 1 DAS to VIU. 4 seconds ago. BTC to NZD. 5 seconds ago. BTC to USD. 1 seconds ago. LTC .

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See, everyone who just couldn't take it anymore and went into btc between when this was posted and now just lost their shirts. They'll run back to their coinbase accounts which is down right now lol try to get their money out as fast as possible and they'll call it quits. That's how the game works. Here's to hoping btc just found its landing spot so the alts can get to work.

New coins generated by miners will be generated half the rate. Miners still have to pay their electric bill, so they sell the coins they just mined. If they mine half as many they still have to cover the same mining cost.

Miners will hold until they can sell at a price that covers their cost. This will restrict supply. Short term solid gains but long term BTC for sure. I feel like ltc halving is already priced in. Just like it peaked a month before last time it did it. Hope I'm wrong tho. Doubt that.

Ltc playing cheerleader for now until August. That's when the real fomo kicks in. Rmember when litecoin went up and bitcoin was trading sideways? For the next couple days or soon ltc will pump up for sure. Lots of room so just hodl and dont get weak. Yeah this. While BTC has been rising substantially faster. LTC is 2nd to BTC in the sense it's decentralized network has a lot of hash rate making it a true secure store with faster transactions.

It helps that there's a leader and a team focused on the crypto with no contentious hard forks. All of which makes LTC special And impossible to replicate. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

While Bitcoin and Litecoin use the same consensus protocol, they use different algorithms. A SICS are powerful and expensive devices designed for mining cryptocurrencies. We will not go into detail what is the difference between the two what is important here is to know that they have different algorithms, and there was an attempt by Litecoin to democratize mining.

Another essential difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is its Block Time, which simply means the time each network produces a new block or record.

The leading organization behind Litecoin is the Litecoin Foundation. It is a non-profit organization registered in Singapore whose members came from different parts of the world. Their mission is to advance Litecoin for the good of society through the development and promotion of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Included on its board of directors is Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin. He acts as the managing director of the foundation and its primary benefactor Charlie sold all his Litecoin holdings during the height of crypto bull run.

The foundation team is composed of multinational professionals, volunteers, contributors, ambassadors, and developers led by Charlie, who doubles as its lead developer. He describes himself as the benevolent dictator Litecoin as he dictates the development direction of Litecoin. This is in stark contrast to bitcoin, where all protocol changes will have to go through consensus before its implementation.

Cryptocurrency is a nascent industry. It was introduced over a decade ago but is yet to achieve mass adoption. There are various reasons why it has yet to reach this type of market maturity. There are many barriers to entry, especially for new users who are not yet familiar with how to deal with this emerging asset class.

This is why partnerships are vital. They can help spread awareness about Litecoin while at the same time, expand the use case of Litecoins by allowing holders new ways how to spend their LTC. Take, for example, Travala, one of the partners of the Litecoin foundation. It enables LTC holders to book at over K hotels in countries, covering over 82, locations.

Litecoin foundation is also partnered with fiat-crypto payment processors like Aliant Payments and Coingate , both of these payment processors allow merchants to accept Litecoin.

There is a whole list of partners Litecoin has over its website. What is important to note is that these partnerships help increase the awareness and popularity of Litecoin as well as its use case.

Through these partnerships, the Litecoin foundation hopes to reach mass adoption. The main focus now of Litecoin developers is to improve the fungibility and privacy features of Litecoin. They plan to do this by adding Mimblewimble. This blockchain design employs a new way of storing and structuring transactions with the main aim of increasing privacy and better network scalability.

Other upcoming technologies are in the pipeline for Litecoin. However, the main thrust of the Litecoin developers right now is what we have discussed above. Lightning Network LN is just another network that allows instant transactions and reduced fees; it is currently under development and has not reached the kind of reliability required to make them a viable option.

Atomic Swaps allows users to trade on the coin for a different coin without going through an exchange, and it is also called cross-chain swaps. This is built on top of the LN network hence still under development. Another exciting feature being developed are colored coins. Unfortunately, Litecoin developers do no have this feature high on their list. It allows LTC to be repurposed and be attached to an asset similar to a tokens issuance platform.

However, like the others, these future features have been pushed back to give way for the implementation of MimbleWimble. Throughout the years, Litecoin has consistently remained in the Top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and for good reason. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin has been working non-stop without any major downtime, and its security has never been compromised. While some might consider it as a boring asset, its stability and the reputation it has gained throughout the years more than makes up for it.

This allows high-net-worth investors and institutional accounts to gain exposure to Litecoin. More importantly, this demonstrates the immense confidence of not only retail investors but institutional investors to Litecoin.

If you are an investor looking for a stable digital asset to invest in with a long term horizon, then perhaps Litecoin might be the right cryptocurrency you should consider. Follow him on LinkedIn to stay up to date on his latest work on blockchain, decentralization and crypto investments. If the price will show a false breakout again we can trade it again Do you like to trade such strong support?

Push like and write your comments. We will catch the best trades together! Thanks for your support! Litecoin has remained stable despite Bitcoin and other alternative currency corrections in the past few weeks. Another leg up is seeming to be the most probable outcome in the next few weeks. Target: 0. See original below.

Many of my bonfire indicators use the same methods and share some math. I used this Smoke indicator to align past markers with current 4hr price action. This provides points to cast to and from but also allow for current to future plots that match up with history, the local price, and hidden patterns ahead. I'm currently long on LTC along Following AEON into Great support from the Weekly Control Candle.

Litecoin Price Prediction (LTC) for 2021, 2022, & 2025 Is Bitcoin An “Uncorrelated Asset”?

Litecoin - Bitcoin Chart (LTC/BTC) Conversion rate for Litecoin to BTC for today is BTC It has a current circulating supply of Million coins and a total volume exchanged of BTC, When LTC broke 50 SMA, SMA and SMA? 1. December (Right after BTC reaches its ATH USD) 2. January (Right before first LTC halving run) 3. March (Right after BTC breaks its previous ATH USD) 4. December (Right after BTC reached its ATH USD) 5. January (Right before second LTC halving run) 6. The Pearson correlation coefficient is a beneficial mechanism to measure this correlation and assess the strength of a linear relationship between two data sets. It takes values between -1 and 1. -1 is a strong negative correlation, 0 implies no correlation at all (uncorrelated) and +1 stands for a strong positive correlation. Tags:Bitcoin wo investieren, 1080 ti bitcoin gh/s, Adios bitcoin, Lightning network bitcoin transaction, Graphics cards prices bitcoin